Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sick, sick, sick...

Another inexcusable gap between posts. However, this time I have a legitimate excuse for the delay. My 16-month-old son suffered from stomach flu Friday night (early Saturday morning). His mess was so bad his sheets had to be thrown out - they were beyond salvage. Our 5-year-old daughter was next, with projectile vomiting Saturday night (early Sunday morning). My wife, thankfully, was spared, but I am slowly recovering from the horrid virus. I still have yet to eat anything substantial in the past 48 hours, but I at least got out of bed just now and have showered and shaved. With a renewed spirit, I hope to embark on a long-put-off project that has been my ambition for the better part of the last decade. I'm excited, but, as always, that blank, staring screen seems to mock me - daring me to commence with the first few words of my quest. I shall let you know more as I know more.

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