Monday, June 22, 2009

One man's trash... another man's treasure. After a particularly windy day here in SE MN (they're almost all windy - but this one was windier than most) I spied some pink insulation board against a fence at the high school that had blown over from a nearby construction site.

People driving by must have thought it to be trash - and it wouldn't be long before it was picked up and put back in the dumpster. But holy crow these were big pieces! Just right for a bunch of new gravestones! Does it matter that it's mid June? Of course not - it's always Halloween time at our house.

So I pulled into the football field parking lot and grabbed three of the biggest pieces. I held onto them for quite a while until I had a weekend when my wife took the kids to grandma's house in Iowa. Then with two whole days at my disposal, I broke out the power tools and paint. As you can imagine, working on Halloween props in June can raise a few eyebrows - but any serious home haunter worth their salt will tell you that you almost have to start in June (or earlier) if you ever want to get anything accomplished in October!

The gravestone pictured above is the first one I worked on - dedicated to one of my all-time favorite actors: Peter Cushing. I also did one based on the Minnesota themed 'Kensington Rune Stone' and plan on doing the third - and biggest - as a new and improved headstone for Edgar Allan Poe.

This is the greatest part of haunting for me - doing things on a budget (ie: free) and turning trash into treasure. While everyone else driving by saw a bunch of garbage that needed to be taken to the landfill, I saw three new tombstones that will replace my lame store-bought ones that I never really liked. You don't always have to be thinking about Halloween to see the potential for new props in a bunch of junk... but it helps!

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