Monday, August 8, 2011


I suppose a bit of explanation is in order.

The book that is 'Modern Poe: Vol. I' is a project that actually had its genesis several years ago - almost three years to be exact - while I was working at a local newspaper. A co-worker of mine happened to be an amazing artist, and we started talking about doing a project together: my words and her illustrations. The idea initially started out as a children's book - an offbeat history lesson for kids on the life and times of Edgar Allan Poe. What you see in the picture is a very different book indeed.

The main theme of our children's book was utilizing the alphabet and finding important people, places, and things regarding Poe to match those letters. Well, as you can probably guess, the subject concerning the letter 'E' was Poe's 1848 scientific treatise he called 'Eureka.' As I was studying up on 'Eureka' and trying to muddle my way through it so that I could write something about it in our book - I was immediately taken by the beauty of the language within. I read it again a little more carefully (but still didn't really understand it). Poe had been known to say that this would be considered his greatest work - and, while I wasn't sure I agreed, or even still to this day completely comprehend it - it definitely stands as a remarkable piece of writing that deserved more attention.

Slowly, the subject of our little book became overwhelmed by 'Eureka,' and what was once 26 letters became paired down to ONE (and important number to remember if you've ever read 'Eureka.') Once that decision was made to focus on this one piece of writing, I forged ahead with great ambition and never looked back. The book took on a life all it's own, practically assembling itself. Over the course of the past year, from August 2010 until now, 'Modern Poe: Vol. I' has been pieced together, page by page - and now it is finally complete.

It is with a great sense of relief, and a fair share of pride, that I announce the release of my first book. I send out a huge THANK YOU to Katie Aguado, my fabulously talented illustrator, and Brenda Stilson, my tireless editor, for helping this book be the best it could be. It is my hope that this book will intrigue readers of Poe - at the very least it would make an excellent gift for those who like to give something spooky or macabre during the Halloween season. Please help spread the word about this book - considering buying one for yourself - and remember that we are all within the Spirit Divine.

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