Friday, May 11, 2012

Return of the Astro-Zombies!

Ted V. Mikels' Astro-Zombies To Rampage At World PremiereThrills Await Las Vegas Audiences

“This has to be one of Ted’s finest pieces of entertainment ever,”
said first assistant director Gary Lester. “Audiences at our Sneak Peek screenings in Florida could not stop applauding as the credits were rolling.”

Alpha New Cinema will roll-out the DVD through the end of May. A special limited edition collectibles set can be ordered from TVM Studios and Ted V. Mikels’ official website.

The set includes a numbered and autographed DVD, along with an array of free gifts -- an autographed 8x10 color photo of Ted V. Mikels, a specially minted AZM 4 pin, a skull key-chain, and a raffle ticket to win one of ten mini-lasers. The raffle will occur prior to the May 20 screenings, with the ten winners receiving a laser in their free gifts package. Among the extra free gifts included in the 100 limited edition sets will be two highly collectible autographed promo cards from prior Ted V. Mikels movies.

Only 100 collector’s sets are being sold, which include the first 100 DVDs off the assembly line. The set retails for only $20, plus $5.95 shipping, and can be purchased (while supplies last) by contacting or visiting Anyone attending the Las Vegas premiere can purchase their collectibles set for $20, with no postage or shipping required.

Also available will be a limited number of beautiful laminated and autographed AZM 4 mini- posters. They are reasonably priced at $20, but can only be acquired at the world premiere in Las Vegas -- which will make them an extremely rare collectible immediately. Foreign distributors interested in acquiring a territory for international rights should request a screener from

Prior to the May 20 Astro-Zombie invasion, Theatre 7 appears to still be intact and standing at 1406 S. Third St. in Las Vegas.

Astro-Zombies M4: Invaders From Cyberspace is a TVM Global Entertainment production, in association with Blue Heron International Pictures. For further information, please e-mail

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