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Production and Post-Production for Destini Beard's 'A Time Forgotten,' the full-length followup CD to 'The Dark Masquerade' is complete. According to our friends at Midnight Syndicate, the new disc promises an immersive blend of Destini's haunting vocals and classic Midnight Syndicate tracks that together form an entirely new listening experience.

After the 2010 mini collaboration between malevolent music maestros Midnight Syndicate and the positively enchanting Destini Beard, I had high hopes that a full length pairing of these great talents would result in a full length release. Well, looks like I’m getting my wish, as Destini Beard, Gavin Goszka, and Edward Douglas have recently announced ‘A Time Forgotten,’ tentatively scheduled for release at the end of this month. To celebrate the occasion, we sat down with Destini to talk about the recording process of ‘A Time Forgotten,’ fan conventions and life on the road, and what it’s like being Destini Beard.

HALLOWZING: Hi Destini! Thanks for taking the time to chat – it’s such a privilege to talk with you again. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

DESTINI BEARD: "Hello! Thank you so much for interviewing me. It’s an honor and I am so excited to be talking to you again! I think the best thing that has happened today is realizing that soon I will be releasing my full length album! Every day I get more and more excited for the release!"

HZ: After the success of ‘The Dark Masquerade,’ did you instantly know a full length collaboration with Midnight Syndicate would happen, or was this something that evolved over time?

DB: "The initial response for ‘The Dark Masquerade’ was more than I could have ever imagined! It was amazing to hear how people enjoyed it and started to ask about a follow up! We talked back in January of 2011 and both Ed and Gavin were very happy with the response to the first Cd and agreed to sign up for a full length album, so from that point I immediately started creating a storyline and writing lyrics."

HZ: Tell us about the recording process for ‘A Time Forgotten.’ How was it different from ‘The Dark Masquerade?’

DB: "The recording process definitely took more time for ‘A Time Forgotten’. The idea for this Cd is to be reminiscent to a short musical. Each song has at least three layers of harmony and counter melodies, so it’s almost like each song has its own adventure that goes along with the overall storyline. The vocal arrangements are much more involved than ‘The Dark Masquerade’, and with ‘A Time Forgotten’, you get a range of everything from opera to new age and it even touches upon a soundtrack movie type feeling."

HZ: What’s it like collaborating with Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka? Do you work with them directly, or is your teaming more long distance – sharing your files digitally?

DB: "It’s such a wonderful experience being able to work with Ed and Gavin! It’s so neat putting a new twist on their music. I enjoy being able to take their original idea and combine it with my own lyrics to give the song a whole new meaning! We do work over email and phone. Basically I’ll go into my local recording studio, Green Valley Recording, and then I’ll send the tracks to Ed and Gavin for the final mastering and mixing."

HZ: Will we be hearing familiar compositions from Midnight Syndicate’s past on the new album? Did you have a say in what tracks were selected?

DB: "Yes, all the songs on this album are from their classic albums like: ‘13th Hour’ ‘Vampyre’ and ‘Gates of Delirium’. I chose all the songs, which took a long time to decide because I love all of them!"

HZ: You have an incredibly dedicated fan-base. Tell us a little about life on the convention circuit – and what it’s like meeting your fans face to face.

DB: "It’s such a blessing to have obtained such an amazing fan base! I am extremely fortunate to be working with my dad in the convention circuit, as well as the renaissance faire circuit. I have been able to meet and make new fans at every show! My dad will always play my music in his booth and will tell everyone that comes in to check out my work, which I am so fortunate for. Life on the convention and faire circuit is absolutely fantastic I get to go to different places and meet new people every year. I had a lot of people this past year approach me saying how much they loved the Cd and can’t wait for the next one, and it’s the best feeling in the world. I’m able to connect with fans on a personal level, so I make friendships and get such wonderful support for my career!"

HZ: Will fans be able to see you perform live this year?

DB: "I will be performing songs from the new album at ‘Con on the Cob’ in Hudson Ohio this October. They can find out more about the convention at: I will also be looking into different performance venues as I travel, which I will update on my website"

HZ: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Destini – you have an amazing gift that deserves sharing. It’s always a pleasure to help share your magic.

DB: "Thank you again so much for taking the time to interview me again! Its great knowing there are people out there that are so excited to support and promote artists and musicians! Thank you so much again for supporting my music!"

To all home haunters and lovers of Halloween - I encourage you to check out Destini's work, and that of Midnight Syndicate! To learn more about 'A Time Forgotten' and stay up to date on its release, visit:


Anonymous said...

Awesome... I can't wait for the new album come out. I am such a huge fan of destini beard and midnight syndicate!! The dark masquerade was such a good album, and the cover art by ed beard junior was awesome! I can't wait to hear and see the new album!

Job Bacovetty ;)

Hallowzing said...

Yes! Destini is such an amazingly talented vocalist. LOVED her first effort with MS. Hoping that one day the will collaborate on an album of entirely new material!