Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Haunters, start your Dremels!

Haunting season has officially begun! This past weekend, my daughter and I started work on the first props of the year. What are they? Well, you'll just have to come to the party to find out! We have never done a 'theme' party before, but this year we are thinking of loosely doing a kinda sorta type theme, maybe.

In other news, this coming weekend I hope to start construction on a brand new cemetery fence. The fence I've used in previous years was a rickety old thing pieced together from scraps and held together by duct tape. There is no turning back on the new fence now, as the old fence was used for bonfire kindling on Friday night. This project is long overdue, though, and I'm looking forward to making something that's a little more sturdy, and a lot more compact as far as storage goes (the old fence was basically kept together year round, and the sections were hid behind our house underneath the deck - an eyesore!)

I'll try to get pictures of our various projects, and hopefully, with my little helper, we can get the fence knocked out in a weekend.

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