Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Everything tastes better out of a pumpkin. I was thinking how difficult it is to find anything Halloweenish in Minnesota in late March, when it occurred to me that upon closer inspection I have a plethora of Halloween-related gewgaws around the house. These macabre items are such fixtures in our home that I seldom think about them or consider them to be October fare.

Above are a few coffee cups we've picked up over the years. Front and center is my favorite - a jack-o-lantern mug I bought on clearance at Target (75% off!) a few weeks after Halloween. My mom has a similar one at her place that I've always coveted (and still do...) and I'm always quick to pull that one out of the cupboard and fill with whatever is on hand. The irony is this: I don't drink coffee. I typically fill my cup with Ganoderma, an instant coffee beverage made from ganoderma mushrooms and coffee beans. As I am highly sensitive to the effects of caffeine, I opt for ganno, which has all the buzz of coffee without the cranium splitting side-effects.

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I'll have to look around and see what other Halloween thingymabobs we have around the place. If nothing else, this early-spring exercise in boredom gives me good practice at low-level lighting photography...

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