Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick Again

So I'm sick again. This makes five colds since Thanksgiving - although I'm starting to think this has all been one long cold and the short intervals of wellness are just a part of it. Meanwhile, I have been eating more fruit in the last week than I have eaten all of last year: tangelos, bananas, apples, grapes, oranges... and washing it all down with orange juice or apple juice. Thank God that spring is only about three weeks away! The temp today is supposed to be near 40 (and 47 tomorrow!) so hopefully I can get some sunshine and finally kick this thing.

The writing is going really well (although I have found it hard to get motivated when you're not feeling 100%). Yesterday I was laying in bed feeling miserable, deciding I wasn't going to write for the day. When out of the blue I had a sudden inspiration and bolted out of bed. I hopped on the computer and hammered out one of those chapters that makes you pump your fists in the air and say "Yessssss!" when you're done. It was a really good feeling and just what I needed when the temptation to not write reared its ugly head.

As for Halloween - I recently ventured into our crawlspace to find a can of paint and was amazed at the treasure trove of Halloween goodies I found. It's amazing at how much spooky stuff we pick up through out the year - bargains, discounts, clearance items, gifts, etc. I don't want to drag out the Halloween bins to put this stuff away so I've been piling it in the crawlspace for the time being. All Saints Day (the day after Halloween) was a banner day for us - we picked up a ton of new decorations at half price at Target and other places - so we have a lot of brand spanking new things to look at when September rolls around!

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