Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is the JONAH HEX that I grew up with. I had tons of Hex comic books when I was a kid and spent hours reading about his adventures and looking at his scarred mug. So it was with great anticipation when I learned about a feature film starring ex-Goonie Josh Brolin and Transformers star Megan Fox.

And then I read the reviews.


From Entertainment Weekly (who is notorious for giving better-than-average reviews): "...But the star [Brolin] is done in by the deathless mediocrity of the production, an assemblage of random camera shots, messy editing, redundant scenes, and witless dialogue as haphazardly stitched together as the flesh on Jonah Hex’s face. D+

And that's not even talking about co-star Fox. Her performance was panned as so painfully dreadful she's almost a shoe-in for a Raspberry trophy.


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