Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lost: Giant Shark

Looks like Bruce has been found - at least his cousin, anyway. The giant shark from the movie 'JAWS' was located by a journalist in an LA junkyard. One of four sharks cast from the same mold, all others were apparently destroyed (no Planet Hollywood back then, I guess...) The fourth creature was made as a prop display at Universal Studios Theme Park, where it hung by its tail as a photo-op.

I totally remember going to the park for our honeymoon and having our picture taken with 'Bruce.' I'm going to sort through our photos and try to find the elusive beast. My only question with this story is the date - as it's reported the shark was taken down in 1990. My wife and I were married in 1996, and we both clearly remember having our picture taken with an upside-down shark in 'Amity' at Universal Studios. Was this the same shark - or yet another creature entirely?

The other disturbing news in this story is word of a JAWS 3D remake starring... Tracy Morgan?

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