Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Attack Of The 50ft Woman star and ex-Playboy model found mummified in her Beverly Hills home

By Daily Mail Reporter - 2:41 PM on 3rd May 2011

The mummified remains of the actress who played the femme fatale in Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman has been found in her rundown Beverly Hills home. The state of the body indicates Yvette Vickers, 82, who was once a Playboy centrefold may have lain there for a year. The badly decomposed corpse was discovered at the Californian home where Vickers had lived for decades.

For the actress whose film credits include Attack Of The Giant Leeches, the story of her final moments reads like a grisly plot from one of those films. The grim discovery was made by neighbour Susan Savage who noticed that letters stuck in Vickers' mail box were yellowing around the edges and that cobwebs had gathered in the doorway.

Savage had to push her way through a mountain of uncollected fanmail and boxes to find the body; a small heater was still been running next to it. At least one window was broken at the home. 'She kept to herself, had friends and seemed like a very independent spirit,' Savage told the Los Angeles Times.


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