Friday, July 8, 2011

Saucer Tale

At an Independence Day party over vacation I happened to overhear an elderly lady say something along the lines of: "...that's pretty scary, but not as scary as that UFO we saw!" Naturally I was at her side in seconds, plying her for information and details of her alleged encounter - and what a story she had to tell! Unfortunately, I didn't get her permission to share the story, so I will just hit the high points and say that it had your classic lit-up saucer (it happened at night), multiple witnesses, burn marks in a pasture, and mysterious agents who showed up the next day and harassed her and her family for days afterward.

Without giving the exact location, this happened in southern Missouri sometime in 1969. The incredible story was written up in the local newspaper (although the woman wasn't sure how that could be as no one from the paper talked to her about it and the story was factually incorrect - making it all seem like she fell asleep at the wheel and dreamed the encounter - it was treated like a joke). The most intriguing part of the story was the woman's physical demeanor as she told the tale. Even all these years later she was still visibly shaken by this event, trembling and with tears in her eyes as she recounted the sighting.

The truth is out there - and this lady got a lot closer to it than most...

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