Monday, July 18, 2011


Just received an e-mail from Unfiltered Entertainment's Chad Haufschild, producer of their upcoming film: BLOOD RITES, that included a little bloody morsel of cool news about their first film: WAKE THE WITCH. He said that BLOOD RITES is still in the post production phase and that visual effects are being finished up - with the hope of a final audio mix being done sometime in August. A quote:

"It always takes longer than you hope. I’m going to cut a trailer before I start the audio mix down. This flick will be done in September or it will be the death of me! And FYI – Wake the Witch finally made iTunes last week. We’re now available in Australia and New Zealand! Pretty sweet!"

Congratulations to Unfiltered Entertainment for their iTunes debut and expanding their distribution of WAKE THE WITCH to other countries! We were mucho impressed with the professionalism and production values of WAKE THE WITCH and are definitely looking forward to what the gang at UE comes up with next!

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