Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movin' Right Along!

As the old Muppet song goes, I'm movin' right along! My beleaguered immune system has finally conquered this (hopefully) final cold, and everything is coming up roses. The last of the flu bugs, cold bugs, and icky, sicky, crap-o-la bugs are behind us - and now we can start concentrating on bigger and better things.

My long-put-off project is now starting to take shape, and I'm happy to say that the children's book I've been planning for more time than I care to admit is finally moving ahead at full force. I have enlisted the aid of an incredibly talented artist, and together we hope to offer something unique for children and adults alike. More on that as it develops - there will probably be a link on my website when the time comes.

In other news... the high today in Minnesota was -8. The low today in Minnesota was -28. Holy smokes land sakes alive ya just gotta love the Northstar State! In a hats-off to our Midwestern brethren, I recognize that Iowa, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and more were just as cold (or colder) but the lucky bastages in Missour-a had 15 balmy degrees!

Anyway - as a wise person I happen to know frequently says: "Be good, enjoy life, and keep dancing!" for Spring is surely just around the corner.


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