Tuesday, August 10, 2010

C'mon Fellas!

I grew up with Van Halen - I'm talking the REAL Van Halen - with David Lee Roth on vocals. Sure, I followed Van Hagar for awhile, but only long enough to see that Dave was really the spark plug that made the Van Halen machine run. I went to their semi-reunion tour (sans Michael Anthony) twice. I bought an over-priced t-shirt and other memorabilia. I would have gladly forked over the dough for a new album. And then, riding high on the hugely successful tour they did... nathing. Nada. Not a thing. Basically disappeared for two years. Such is Eddie Van Halen's work ethic today. C'mon fellas - is it too much to ask of you to throw a bone to your fans and give us just one new album (I'd even take a new SONG at this point) with Dave in his proper place in the universe?

As a die-hard Van Halen fan I'm an eternal optimist. With a band like this, you have to be...


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