Monday, August 23, 2010

Double Feature

It's been a great summer for finding classic movies dirt cheap on dvd - some stores seem to be practically giving them away. At Fleet Farm I picked up Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut for the bargain price of $7.99. This was a movie I had been longing to see for years - and I'm happy to report it was worth the wait! It's darker storyline is so much more satisfying than the campy theatrical version we've all come to know, and the inclusion of Marlon Brando as Jor-El solidifies the picture and ties it together nicely with the later man of steel sequel: Superman Returns.

"The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son..."

To top that, at Target I then picked up the 80's vampire classic The Lost Boys for the ridiculously low price of $4.75. Earlier this summer I snatched up the John Carpenter/Kurt Russell sequel Escape From LA from a Half Price Bookstore for only $3, as well as the Adam West BatMan movie for the same price. Okay - so they're maybe only classics in my book - but for these low prices, it's hard to say no. And so my dvd collection just keeps growing...

"Sleep all day, party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire."

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