Monday, November 15, 2010

Ted V. Mikels

Here's the exciting news I promised last week!

Drive-In of the Dead is thrilled to announce that we are working with TVM Global Entertainment and Blue Heron International Pictures to help promote legendary cult filmmaker Ted V. Mikels' upcoming feature film: ASTRO-ZOMBIES M4: INVADERS FROM CYBERSPACE. Landing his exclusive promo trailer before anyone else - our partnership with Mr. Mikels' team will allow us to bring exclusive news about his upcoming picture as it happens! We look forward to working with Mr. Mikels - whose vast and storied body of work contains such cult grindhouse hits as: 'The Doll Squad,' The Corpse Grinders,' the original 'Astro-Zombies' and many more. Stay tuned to Drive-In of the Dead for more updates, or visit Ted's official site to watch his past titles:

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