Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hallowed Ground

Old Graveyard
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Located in Algona, Iowa, there is a graveyard just north of the town. In this graveyard, there is a smaller one that is fenced off towards the rear. Back in the 1800s when Gypsy wagon trains would pass through the town, they would come across this graveyard. If there was a gypsy who was dying from illness, they would bury this person alive right at the spot because they were unable to stop. There was also no hallowed ground to bury the gypsy in since they were on the move. To this day, the people of the town firmly believe that the graveyard is haunted, and if someone dares to venture beyond the small fenced in graveyard in the back, they will be cursed forever from the spirits of the gypsies.

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