Monday, August 4, 2008

You wanna see something really scary?

My website that lead you to this blog is a clear indicator of my love for Halloween. You've read the stories, you've seen the pictures - you know the depth of my madness. But in the words of Dan Ackroyd in the 'Twilight Zone' movie... "You wanna see something really scary?"

If you thought that I was nuts about Halloween - you have to check out these websites. Now here are people who's love for Halloween is taken to a whole new level. This first guy not only loves the holiday, he loves the John Carpenter movie as well. I mean he really, really loves the movie. While I think it would be cool to see the actual Myers house from the movie, I can't say that that I'd actually want to live in it...

This next guy is kind of a legend in home haunt circles. Pumpkinrot makes the most amazing scarecrows and macabre props you'll ever see, and, not only that, his website was the inspiration for my own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?) So hats off to to Pumpkinrot. Maybe one day I'll actually own one of his groundbreakers...

Last but not least is another legend in the home haunt world. Howloweenqueen is a Florida haunter that has a passion for October 31st that knows no bounds - she literally thinks about Halloween 365 days a year! If you don't believe it, just visit her website and take a look at some of the frightfully fun rooms she has designed. Talk about dedication:

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