Monday, August 18, 2008

T-Minus 74 Days and counting...

74 days... two and a half months until Halloween, and so much still to do. I kind of took a break from Halloween related activities this weekend, because 1.) I wasn't feeling the best - a slight fever and a bit run down on energy, and 2.) It's nearly impossible to get anything done with two kids - particularly with a soon-to-be five-year-old who is in trouble constantly, and a one-year-old who is teething. Add in the fact that the Star Wars 'Clone Wars' movie came out this weekend and it's a wonder I got anything done at all. As it stands, the only thing Halloweenish that I did was spray paint a few props on Sunday night.

My wife and I have a big 'to-do' list, that includes some Halloween stuff and some things that just have to get done. The big thing is getting our upstairs television hung from a bracket on the wall, so we can get rid of the big, clunky entertainment center that eats up a lot of space. We got an electrician friend lined up to help out with the wiring, and my in-laws coming next weekend to help with the installation of the bracket. Mel is also planning on starting work on the invites next weekend, and I hope to get the poems printed off sometime this week, so they will be ready for construction by the weekend.

In other news, I finally got all the way through E.A. Poe's 'The Raven' reciting it completely by memory. With enough practice, I think I should have it completely committed to memory by Halloween. Will I regale trick-or-treaters with a narration of Poe's poetry in the graveyard on Halloween night like I did last year? Hmmm.... maybe. We shall see. We shall see. Mmmahamamahaaahaaaha... [that's blog talk for a sinister laugh].

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