Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Princess!

Today is the fifth birthday of my little girl (not so little any more!) It's hard to believe that five years have gone by since she came home from the hospital; and yet here she is, off to school with her school bag – leaving behind her favorite 'blanky,' washed and stored away in the cedar chest for posterity.

I always tell her that she may grow up, but she will always be my little girl. And it seems like only yesterday that I was trying to convince my wife to hold her in just one more week so we could have a Halloween baby (her reply is unfit to print in this space). Of course, our precocious little girl was a trouble-maker from even before day one, turning around in the womb so she was breach just days before delivery. Five years later she is covering her kid brother with grass clippings, hiding my tape measure in her closet, spilling hot chocolate all over the counter top, and begging for candy at every available opportunity.

But of course, with one look at those bright blue eyes (with just a hint of Mumsie's brown around the pupils), all is forgiven and Daddy remembers just why his little girl is - and always will be - his one and only Pumpkin Princess.

Happy Birthday, Esmeralda Copperpot (GhostBlaster, esq.)!

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