Friday, September 18, 2009

Mmm Mmm Good...

Mmmm mmmm! Yum! The first pumpkin spice cappuccino of the year is always the tastiest. Sure, it's the push-button variety from a machine - you know, the syrupy sugar filled beverage from your local gas station - but man is it good! Yeah, I know I could go down the road to the local coffee shop to get an authentic pumpkin spice, but why pay $3.85 (seriously!) when I can get the same size for $1.06? Well, I suppose there is something to be said for supporting the local businesses and not the faceless giant corporations, but what can I say... I'm a miser at heart.

It's that time of the year - something I'm coming to enjoy more and more as I get older. I used to dread the ending of summer. To me it meant winter was right around the corner - which is a frightening prospect in SE Minnesota. But now I'm finding so many things to enjoy about the season, with Halloween being a big part of it. As you age, you come to appreciate the falling leaves, the taste of good coffee, the crisp smell of autumn air, the roar of the crowd at a high school football game, pumpkins ripening on the vine, and so much more. Even though it's a time when things begin to die, it feels more and more like a great time to be alive.

(P.S. The black jars next to the coffee are some $1.00 garage sale buys I bought a week ago. They were hand made for herbs - but a coat of black paint and some sprigs from our yard and they are transformed into diabolical potion bottles from some witch's cabinet. The names, by the way, are titles of stories from Edgar Allan Poe.)

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