Friday, February 11, 2011


Ted V. Mikels Begins Production On New Astro Zombie Movie!

TVM Global Entertainment, in association with Blue Heron International Pictures, have announced that production on Astro Zombies M4: Invaders From Cyberspace has begun. According to Director Ted V. Mikels, the new year will see another close collaboration between the two film companies on what is already shaping up as his most exciting movie yet. "Our second unit cameras began rolling Saturday in Florida," said Mikels. "My assistant director, Gary Lester, along with cameraman Dave Karner and audio production assistant Rob Kelly turned in some great footage after a 12 hour shoot. Audiences will be absolutely thrilled in the opening minutes of this new movie."

Mikels will be introducing film audiences to two of his newly discovered actresses in the opening minutes of the film. Trista Catineau and Rachel Hansen, will play two college students who respond bravely to a werewolf attack. "That's right. A werewolf attack," said assistant director Gary Lester. "In Ted's latest movie, humanity is threatened not only by rampaging Astro Zombies, but a seven foot tall werewolf also drops by to wreak a little havoc."

"Stay tuned," said the legendary director Mikels. "Gary will be filming second unit scenes with a psychic medium and a few scientists at a top secret government lab before we start principal photography in March in Las Vegas. We are definitely on a roll with this production." So let the world beware. Once again, Ted V. Mikels has started unleashing his lethal Astro Zombies -- along with a seven foot tall werewolf -- and they are wasting no time claiming new victims on the big screen.

(Photos courtesy of TVM Global Entertainment. Set photos by Elizabeth D. Bosse.

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