Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fear What Evil Lurks In The Shadows

More on 'Mr. Hush' from writer/director David Lee Madison:

"Mr. Hush is a horror film in the classic style, with elements of suspense and dark humor. Filled with tension and high drama, Mr. Hush touches on such elemental themes as good vs. evil and true love lost.

It was my intention to give a deliberate nod to the great horror films of the 1980s (Fright Night, The Lost Boys) with completely contemporary characters. The script was written specifically to accommodate the strengths of my outstanding cast, who have been with me from inception to completion. They brought great passion to my vision for Mr. Hush, and, unlike most current horror films, our actors had a chance to create real, human and believable characters.

As a lifelong fan of the genre, it was an honor to write, produce and direct for the horror icons I grew up admiring. Mr. Hush was a labor of love for many, and now, as this dark and mysterious stranger is about to become the next horror icon, we are proud to unleash Mr. Hush upon an unsuspecting world. I hope you enjoy the film."

--David Lee Madison

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