Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lords of Salem

Master of shock ROB ZOMBIE just did an interview with Empire Online in which he talked about his upcoming film THE LORDS OF SALEM. It doesn't start shooting until this spring - but here's a little of what we can expect (plus his opinions on THE BLOB, HALLOWEEN II, and remakes in general).

"There were twenty people that everyone knows about - obviously all innocent - executed as witches in Salem. The basic premise of the film is that there were a further four who actually were witches, who were killed secretly, and vowed one day to return to wreak havoc on Salem's descendants. That's when the movie jumps ahead to the present day and things start to go wrong..."

Zombie also threw in this little morsel: "Lords of Salem is probably the bleakest of all my films... It's only gonna get worse!" He then went on to explain why his Blob remake is not going to happen:

"I didn't want to do another remake. You just can't win. If it's too similar to the original, everybody wonders what the point was, but if it's too different, everybody complains that it's... too different! I found especially with Halloween II that everyone talked about what it wasn't and not what it was: 'you can't do that with Michael Myers; you can't do that with Loomis...' It's like people have a set of rules in their minds about how these things should function, and you can't work like that."

To read the full interview, visit: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=30225

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