Thursday, February 3, 2011

Afraid of Sunrise

Drive-In of the Dead is proud to announce that we'll be featuring a cool new vamp flick from the Illinois-based movie studio Fathead Films called 'Afraid of Sunrise.' Here's the synopsis:

After years of fighting, vampires and humans come to a truce-with the vamps getting the short end of the stick. Relegated to second class citizens, they are forced to live in ghettos and microchipped to track their movements. Adding insult to injury, they also must get their blood from specially sanctioned government blood banks.

Although the Hunters have officially disbanded, Jonathan Sloan and his small crew of ex-Hunters track down “illegals” trying to uncover a conspiracy of a vampire cabal that plans on overthrowing the government and returning the vampires back to their former glory.

Jonathan must also come to grips with his past and decide where his loyalties lie in dealing with his feelings for Perrey, the love of his life.. a vampire.

When nature takes over, love is not enough.

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