Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skunk Ape

Mr. T reached out to the BFRO and after several lengthy conversations and a visit to his farm, a number of other incidents were uncovered which suggest a sasquatch has been visiting Mr. T's farm for most of the last five years. Common occurrences include loud slaps on the side of his home during the night. Large objects, like riding lawn mowers or trailers in his yard, mysteriously relocating overnight. Loud choruses of wailing howls that break out in remote forests around his farm, occasionally waking his family from sleep. In one instance a young daughter in the family reported seeing a large, hairy man outside the window, a claim Mr. T did not take seriously at the time. And in a separate incident Mr. T came home to find the upper window onto his back porch smashed in, and a bag of garbage stored there had gone missing. Some time after this, the door onto the back porch was ripped apart, and more trash bags were stolen from the porch.

On another occasion Mr. T. and his son were in their front yard when rocks were thrown at them from the woods behind their house. Several rocks landed before his son began to pick the rocks up and throw them back. Mr. T notes his son's rocks fell well short of the tree line, which was over 100 yards away. But after he and his son threw a few rocks back, more rocks came from the forest, only much more rapidly than before. Mr. T and his son were forced to retreat into their home. Since then, they have occasionally heard rocks hitting the roof of their home, during the night.

Mr. T is an admitted night owl and frequently up to the small hours of the morning. During two evening events, separated by a year's time, Mr. T observed what he thought was a very large Marine, wearing a backpack and ghillie suit, walking along the road in front of his house. On the first occasion Mr. T did nothing, and the "Marine" simply disappeared into the darkness. On the second occasion Mr. T yelled to get the subject's attention, whereupon it immediately began to move quickly away, not running, but walking very fast, until it turned and disappeared into the woods along the road.

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