Monday, November 28, 2011

Talking Dead

Wow. That's my assessment for last night's mid-season finale of AMC's hit show: THE WALKING DEAD. The producer's of said show have really outdone themselves - and this after there was so much uneasiness after Frank Darabont took a back-seat in the show's production at the beginning of Season 2. But after last night's 'Episode 7: Pretty Much Dead Already,' we needn't worry any longer about the direction of the show. Gripping, intense, emotional - it will be difficult to wait until February 12th to see how it all plays out at Herschel's farm.

You may be asking yourself: "Is it really that good?" The answer is yes - THE WALKING DEAD, particularly last night's episode, was quite frankly THE BEST zombie story I've seen put to film, and this includes George Romero's movies. High praise coming from this zombie lover!

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