Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Boy

As a Halloween enthusiast, I naturally felt compelled to show off the giant-sized gourd we picked up at Seakkap's Orchard the other day. A visit to Seakkap's is an annual tradition for our family. In years past we have made a very big deal of it for our kids; usually heading out there on the first Saturday of October for family photos, giant pumpkins, caramel apples, cider, and hay-bale mazes.

This year, however, Mother Nature just did not want to cooperate. While the beautiful summer weather seemed to stretch on forever, when it did end it seemed like we by-passed autumn and went directly to winter! We've had frigid temperatures and pouring rain since the last week of September, with no end in sight. So this year we had to make our trek to the pumpkin patch when the weather allowed. On Wednesday the forecast called for a high of 59. When the temperature actually hit 63 we figured "to heck with tradition!" and grabbed the kids and our camera.

By the time we left the temperature had soared to 67 degrees and we were running about the hay-bale maze in our short sleeves. We got some nice photos of the kids, our requisite caramel apples, and I hefted one giant sized pumpkin into the back of our van. My daughter actually picked out the mammoth gourd, and the old-timer at the checkout told me the previous best for weight was 55 pounds. Ours weighed in at 57 pounds.

I left the orchard with a pretty big grin on my face.

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