Monday, October 5, 2009

October Orchard

As busy as October gets, we still try to make time to do those fall activities that make the season so special. Last weekend we made the journey to Lake City to eat at a quaint little diner called 'Chickadee's' that had a really fabulous breakfast. After that we drove around Lake Pepin and took in the sights along the waterfront - tons of sailing riggers shoring up their vessels for the season.

After that it was out to Pepin Heights Apple Orchard (who claim to be the biggest in Minnesota). We picked out some odd looking pumpkins that looked like a cross between traditional orange pumpkins and white pumpkins and a few decorative gourds - then it was back home toiling away in the garage haunt. If you live in the Northstar State, Lake City is a picturesque drive of rolling valleys and beautiful scenery. I recommend it if you've got a weekend to spare.

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