Thursday, October 1, 2009


My taste-test of the latest variety of pumpkin ale brought me to Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale. To my unrefined palate, this offering was very similar in taste to Anheuser Busch's Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale - which is okay, but not remarkable. Out of the three different brews I've sampled, Blue Moon's seasonal ale is the easy victor with it's subtle aroma and mellow taste.

In other news: the new graveyard fence was painted and installed yesterday. This was a big project which took several hours to complete - but well worth the effort. We came across some extra money and splurged this year. After five years of rebuilding a dilapidated graveyard fence that was held together with duct tape and zip ties, we finally went to Home Depot and bought four 8' sections of fencing. After killing a million brain cells spray painting them black, I finally erected them on the front lawn. The headstones went up last night as well - which means...

WIND! And lots of it. It's an annual tradition for us. I put up our elaborate haunt so it's ready to go on October 1st - and Mother Nature promptly does her very best to rip it all down. 35 mph winds? CHECK! Driving rains? CHECK! Freezing temperatures? CHECK! I was pleased to see this morning that everything withstood the elements, but this morning my centerpiece Edgar Allan Poe headstone blew over and was impaled on its re-bar stake. Some minor repair and I think he'll pull through, but boy is it frustrating.

Like I said: an annual tradition. More to come...

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