Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Because It's The Right Thing To Do...

It's not too late to donate to a good cause. The goal has almost been met - will you be the one to put them over the top? Please, open your heart and pocketbooks to this worthy cause.


About this project:

In 2010, TVTV will grow beyond our "webisode" format and produce a 60 minute Halloween Special! But making an hour of broadcast-quality television takes quite a bit more than a simple "webisode". You can see our previous work by visiting our website at www.transylvania-tv.com or by downloading our Web Season 2 episodes via iTunes under "podcasts".

We're currently filming Web Season 3. After that we're going to move ahead with shooting our perennial Halloween Special for grown ups! Think "Avenue Q meets The Great Pumpkin"! If all goes as planned, we'll be able to broadcast the special via local television this year and then push for a national release in 2011!

Your donation will help us tell the tale of Dwayne Frankenstein, Furry the party Yeti, and Irving Batfink as they dig deep into Castle LeShoc to discover the true meaning of Halloween and meet the somewhat morally ambiguous Pumpkin Prince!

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