Sunday, May 23, 2010

Open For Business

You may notice something is in the air around the blog these days, or perhaps it's just the toxic fumes you're breathing... So here's the big news: Hallowzing has recently partnered with to bring fans of Halloween and horror a double creature feature. For those looking for a nostalgic foray into Halloweens of yesteryear - you'll find a new layout at waiting for you. For those thirsting for something a little more potent, I encourage you to head over to to quench your blood lust.

Since the Drive-In has only recently opened for business, there's a lot of renovation to be done. The property was in a terrible state of disrepair when we bought the lot, and we also uncovered some strange barrels of toxic ooze while excavating the snack bar. We appreciate your patience while we get things up and running - we promise it won't be long before the screen lights up, the nachos and popcorn are served, and B-movie horror from the heartland is brought to your computer.

The Management - Enjoy the show!

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