Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craving A New Script

So did you happen to catch this little blurb from Wes Craven's chat with Total Film? Sounds like all is not well in Woodsboro, with script re-writes always signaling a troubled production (translation: studio meddling). The question arose from a Tweet Craven posted stating that he was 'no longer in control of the script.' The names in question that Craven mentions are Kevin Williamson (scribe behind the first two installments) and Ehren Kruger (the writer behind 'Scream 3'). Here's what Craven had to say about the direction 'Scream 4' is taking:

"I was just stating the fact. In some ways it's a Wes Craven film, and in way it's not entirely, because it's not a script I have control of. It's ultimately controlled by what the studio wants in the script. My job is much more bringing whatever experience and expertise and creativity I can. [pause] Look, there was a bumpy period when things shifted over from Kevin to Ehren. I signed up to do a script by Kevin and unfortunately that didn't go all the way through the shooting. But it certainly is Kevin's script and concept and ideas and themes.

When I initially met with Kevin, he sketched out what the next two would be, and I found it really fascinating. A lot depends on whether they come up with scripts to flesh out. But certainly, I'm up for it, if the script is there. It's a fascinating thing to do two trilogies in a career."

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