Thursday, March 3, 2011


Just finished reading a fascinating book called 'Messages' by Stan Romanek (with an assist from J. Allan Danelek) which details Romanek's bizarre encounters with UFOs, extraterrestrials, and many other instances of 'high strangeness.' If you remember the 'Grey Peeping In The Window' video that was all the rage a year back (and parodied endlessly on YouTube) then you might remember Romanek's name.

His case interested me initially due to the complex mathematical equations he was supposedly given by a higher intelligence - but those equations are only a small part of his story. After reading the book I can't say for certain that Romanek is the real deal - but I will say this: if his story proves to be a hoax then it is the biggest, longest running, and most elaborate hoax of all time. I suggest reading the book and deciding for yourself. If you're a skeptic on the possibility of life beyond our planet, this may be the book to convince you otherwise.

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