Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You're Next 4?

What's this? Another 'You're Next' movie is in the works? That sure seems to be the case according to Jason Stephenson, founder of Minnesota's own: Not For The Squeamish Productions. Stephenson dropped this bit of info on Facebook last night regarding the possibility of a new installment - check it out:

"Yep, thinking I need to shoot a 4th part to the ongoing NFTS Productions YOU'RE NEXT series (Pt 3 known as PAJAMA PARTY MASSACRE) so I can work with some new talent & cure that itch for making movies till the new feature this summer... details soon!!!"

This is surprising but very cool information considering his recent post just a couple of weeks ago regarding NFTS's now in development 'A Haunting On Eerie Street.' Stay tuned to learn more about this as we hear it!

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