Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Missy!

Today is my lovely wife's birthday – and I consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world to have such a gorgeous and funny person to spend my life with. She puts up with an awful lot, and not just my passion for Halloween. I know I can be a stubborn mule sometimes, but she still finds a way to make me laugh every day; and that, folks, is priceless.

Since her birthday is on a Monday, we celebrated a day early. After nap time we dropped the kids off at the sitters (hats off to the Aguados!) had a pleasant (and quiet!) lunch at Timberlodge, and spent a wonderful day trekking all over Rochester scouring the stores for Halloween goodies. We didn't really buy much, but saw a lot of neat knick-knacks and 'someday' items. I was lucky enough to pick up the new Midnight Syndicate cd (more on that in a future blog post), as well as a killer prop for my still-secret costume, and a few little Halloween doo-dads at the Dollar Tree.

The rest of the weekend was spent pulling out our massive supply of Halloween props and decorations (my wife's birthday is the official 'start date' for Halloween at our house). We put up quite a few decorations upstairs, but the basement still looks like a bomb went off in a Halloween warehouse. I also got some quality time out in the garage where I nearly completed four new tombstones. All of them need a coat of polyurethane as well as a layer of decorative moss glued on (and the last one still needs the name and date Dremeled on), but otherwise that is one huge project in the can.

Not sure what is in store for tonight, as it's our daughter's first night of dance, but hopefully I can get out to the garage and finish up those tombstones, as my wife's folks will be coming up next weekend, so there won't be much time for home haunting. Anyway – happy birthday, sweetie! I love you very much – thanks for putting up with me!

P.S. I added a couple fun things to the 'misc' section of my site done by my nephew, Drew, from a few years back. If you have my site bookmarked, you will probably need to refresh the page to make them appear. Be sure to check them out!

P.P.S. The Pumpkin Spice cappicino from Caribou Coffee is too rich to finish, but ohhhh so good...

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