Friday, September 19, 2008

What Music They Make...

When it comes to music for the home haunting crowd, there is one name that stands above the rest: Midnight Syndicate. For those who've never heard of these guys, Midnight Syndicate produces gothic, atmospheric music for the Halloween season, although, I must admit, I tend to listen to them all year round when the mood hits me.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently picked up their latest release 'The Dead Matter.' While it is not their greatest work, it still stands decapitated head and shoulders above most of the other Halloween soundracks out there. These guys are clearly influenced by the work of John Carpenter (particularly his scores for the original versions of 'Halloween' and 'The Fog'), as well as Bernard Herrman ('Psycho' and many other Alfred Hitchcock films), and John Williams ('Jaws' and too many more to count). They make great use of sound effects interwoven with creepy music, all setting a scene and often telling a narrative, such as their masterpiece - and my favorite - 'The 13th Hour.'

If you're looking for spooky music to play on Halloween night, or want to give a unique gift at your Halloween party this year, you can't go wrong picking up a cd by Midnight Syndicate. I know I'm talking like I own stock in the company or something, but they really are that good. Take a listen for yourself and you be the judge...

They have re-released many of their older titles this year (I'm hoping to pick up a couple more before the season is over) and they can be found at most Party Stores, Party Americas, and Halloween Express. While they aren't in retail outlets like Target or WalMart, I have seen 'The 13th Hour' at Hot Topic. You can also order off their website.

So ends today's infomercial.

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