Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AZM4 Update


Hello my dear friends: Thought it might be time to let you know what is happening. ASTRO ZOMBIES M4: INVADERS FROM CYBERSPACE is well under way!

Editing goes on until the wee hours every morning, both in Las Vegas, and Daytona Beach Florida, but the final story is taking shape. The Astro Zombies on their planet MOZORTSA- V are making a dramatic departure for planet earth through cyberspace as their planet is on an unavoidable collision course with asteroid XTG467.

The volunteering ASTRO ZOMBIES are causing death and destruction in all major corners of the earth using laser energy, hoping to force eartth's citizens to accept their presence. As always, the populace from Germany, England, Japan, Spain, Australia, and the United States fight desperately against these cybersapce marauders who have infiltrated our entire internet systems. San Francisco, California, New York City, Portland Oregon, Daytona Beach Florida, face destruction.

Gary Lester, my First Assistant Director, is utilizing all the current tricks of the trade in creating totally believable visions of carnage and destruction.

Homeland security personnel, our President, even with the help of our military, seem powerless to stop this cyberspace barrage. Richard Lester, my Associate Producer with Blue Heron Films, works diligently to help keep our international production units in total communication. Our Actors and Actresses have created a superb degree of credibility in making this latest of my Astro Zombie movies highly entertaining. Look for it by October this year. At this time, International Distribution is not set.

Even throughout my editing period, I answer hundreds of e-mails from individual senders, I love hearing from all of you.

Your friend and dedicated film-maker,


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