Wednesday, June 29, 2011



If you are in the Minnesota area this weekend, be sure to catch our good friends from Midnight Syndicate at CONvergence as they talk about their first full-length feature film: THE DEAD MATTER! Director Edward Douglas and stars Jason Carter and Brian Van Camp will all be there, and in addition to a special screening and Q&A session, all three will be part of several panels, so be sure to check the CON schedule so you can get the nitty gritty on THE DEAD MATTER and Midnight Syndicate's upcoming CD release: CARNIVAL ARCANE!

Also at this year's CONvergence will be our friends from that horror puppet comedy that's really not for kids... TRANSYLVANIA TELEVISION! Stop by TVTV's booth to visit with series creators Gordon Smuder and Michael Heagle and check out their amazing cast of hand-built puppets. Count Le Shoc, Furry J. Ackermonster, Dwayne Frankenstein, Batfink, and the rest will be in the house!

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