Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Halloween 3-D

Looks like Michael Myers may have finally met his match: Hollywood. What once was my favorite franchise (until around H20 or so...) has been put on the back burner indefinitely for a reboot of 'Hellraiser.' Here's what the website Horrorbid had to say:

"Both Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were signed on shortly after Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 (H2) released in 2009 to pen the script for the third installment when production came to a halt. Since that time rumors of the film have swirled from the film being officially "dead in the water" to production starting this year. Sadly for those of you looking forward to a third film it is bad news."

Read more here:http://www.horrorbid.com/blog/blog1.php/2011/01/04/it-s-official-halloween-3d-will-not-begi-2012

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