Saturday, January 22, 2011


Just got this update from Not For The Squeamish Productions founder Jason Stephenson. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far - looking forward to more updates on this groovy ghost story! I've already talked to Jason about covering this picture through all of its phases of production, so hopefully we'll have some exclusives heading your way in the coming months! Here's what he had to say:

"Hey gang... NFTS Productions is currently in the writing stages with author S.D. Hintz for a down and dirty (of course) in your face scare flick we are calling A HAUNTING ON EERIE STREET that will harken back to classic chillers like THE ENTITY (1982) and THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001) but 3 fold with our own twisted blend of Minnesota made horror!!! Another notable point of interest is my partner in crime Kevin Myhre will be taking over Directing duties while I sit back and reap the rewards of chilling out on set as just a Producer for thee 1st time ever!!! Yes, NFTS Productions has an all new beginning underway so get set for yet another bad ass ride into horror history hopefully sooner then later!!! cheers and blood drenched hailz... Jason"

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