Monday, January 10, 2011

Unfiltered Entertainment

I am very excited to announce the first feature film from the Nebraska-based film company Unfiltered Entertainment. Sporting an extremely professional crew, UE has recently released their freshman effort: 'Wake The Witch.' After chatting with Chad Haufschild, one of the film's producers, I immediately got a sense of the enthusiasm and dedication their team had for this project. Filmed in Lincoln, NE - far from the glitter of Tinseltown - it can't be easy to capture movie magic; but UE gives it everything they've got to make a sincerely creepy picture. This one's worth checking out folks - if only to inspire the rest of us would-be filmmakers that anything is possible when it comes to independent film and it's high time we got off our duff and woke our own witch!

Stay tuned to Drive-In of the Dead in the months to come as we follow the progress of Unfiltered Entertainment's next film: 'Blood Rites.' We hope to give you plenty of inside scoops and 'you-heard-it-here-first' information about this exciting film as it happens! For purchasing information on 'Wake The Witch' and more on Unfiltered Entertainment, please stop by their websites:

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