Thursday, October 6, 2011

All Things Edgar

Things are about to get seriously kicked into over-drive in the world of MODERN POE: VOL I in the next few weeks. As I make my notes and collect my thoughts, I feel a curious combination of both nervousness and excitement: excitement because I have a passion for Poe and revel in the opportunity to speak at length about the man and his works. Nervous because I dread the idea of speaking in front of a crowd. Nevertheless - with a book comes book promotion, so I will summon my courage and (hopefully) let the excitement of the subject properly motivate me.

My scheduled E. A. Poe engagements thus far will all be of the local variety. I recently got a mention in our city's monthly newsletter; I've been asked to speak to our middle school and high school English classes, the local Art Guild has scheduled a book signing; a nearby Opera House has requested a brief performance of 'The Raven' in support of my book; and the Public Library is promoting a Hot Reads program which spotlights regional authors - with me being their October selection. Like I said, all small-town fare, but I am tremendously honored and grateful for all of these organizations for choosing to have me and help support their local Poe researcher.

I hope to do them all proud in what is sure to be, with all of the rest of the haunted happenings that occur around our home, one of the most memorable and thrilling months of October of all time!

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