Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thorn In My Side

Had one of those perfect October days this past weekend that reminded me why I love the haunting season so much. Went out for a hearty country breakfast, made a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch to pick out some gourds with the kids (pics to come), ate caramel apples dipped in crushed peanuts, bought some apple cider, worked on the graveyard...and picked up this beauty for a few bucks out of the bargain bin.

Now this might not seem like the highlight of the day - and I would probably tend to agree - I have a definite love/hate relationship with HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS. As a staunch lover of the HALLOWEEN series of films, this one has consistently come in as the worst in the bunch (that is, until HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION was made over a decade later!) The main problem I have with it is the greatness that was HALLOWEEN 4, the shocking, cliff-hanger ending they set-up, and the way the producers of this film dropped the ball in carrying that thrilling conclusion over to this strictly mediocre film (if you want to read my full thoughts on this fun-filled travesty, head on over to Drive-In of the Dead).

Over time, I have grown to - not quite love - but to somewhat 'like' this movie. I can at least appreciate it for what it is; which is a rushed, poorly directed, late '80's slasher with a silly story and lousy acting. It has so much to dislike (like The Shape's horrendous mask, the stuttering kid, the annoying teens and the character of Mikey in particular, etc.) that I've somehow actually ended up liking it for its lameness in a weird, Ed Wood, jr. kind of way. Plus the disk is chock full of behind-the-scenes goodness, where everyone involved pretty much dismisses the film as a missed opportunity whose sole purpose was to cash in on its superior predecessor.

If you're looking for a time machine to 1989, where the hair was high, the jeans were tight, and the music was lousy, this is the movie for you! that I think about it, maybe the caramel apple with the kids was the highlight of the day...

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