Thursday, October 13, 2011

Haunted Rocker

A groovy picture of my haunted rocker. This is one of those pics where you're not exactly sure what happened. I was snapping photographs of the rocking chair in action, but his one came out so strange that it fascinated me. What's going on here? Out of all the snapshots I took of the chair, I ended up liking this one the best!

The chair is basically a small rocker that I dirtied up a bit. A length of fishing line is attached from the top and runs to a small servo-motor that's attached to a cross tombstone that's staked into the ground. The motor runs continuously (as long as my blue outside spotlights are on) and at a very slow rate of speed, so that you almost have to look twice to see if the chair is really moving. It's a cool effect, achieved from hacking the motor out of those white, steel polar bear Christmas yard decoration thingies that I found at a garage sale (the nice lady let me just buy the motors, provided I cut out the motors myself with a hacksaw!)

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