Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I distinctly remember back in early 1995 seeing the trailer for HALLOWEEN 666: THE ORIGIN OF MICHAEL MYERS on television and seeing trade print advertising in magazines (sure wish I would have kept the mags!) I recall getting excited and talking animatedly about the upcoming film - it had been a long dry spell of a good six years since the dreadful HALLOWEEN 5, so I was enthusiastic to see a new entry in the series. Alas, my friends did not share my sentiment. Can you imagine I got teased for liking a group of films they deemed to be 'from when we were kids?' (But I guess after Part 5, who can blame them, right?) As history has shown, my enthusiasm was dampened when they changed the name (and seemingly the whole movie!) but, being the die-hard fan that I was (am) I dragged my friends there on opening night to prove them wrong.

Boy did I ever get teased...

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