Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dirty Secret

Caramel Candy Corn
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Here's a dirty little secret that you probably never knew about me: I hate candy corn. Yes, it's true - this lover of all things Halloween detests those little conical October treats. I'm not sure when this happened - it's been a good two decades or more since I've last tried one. Well, in the interest of mad science, my wife brought home the haunting season's first bag of this stuff (which naturally my kids can't get enough of), so I decided to give the corn confection another try. The result? Nope - still don't like them.

Strange...I remember eating this stuff as a kid myself and not having a problem with it. Maybe too much candy corn at some post-trick-or-treating candy binge in my mom and dad's living room when I was a kid has left me in this terrible condition? I will say that the taste seemed to have changed a bit (or my taste buds, anyway). It wasn't as strong of a 'candy corn' taste that I associated with my youth, but a more mellow, sugary, conr-syrupy taste - disgusting in its own peculiar way. Regardless, the traditional Halloween treat of candy corn still tastes utterly gross and it will probably be another couple of decades before I try this experiment again.

Man - it feels good to get that off my chest...


halloween spirit said...

I can relate . . . sort of. I look forward to my first candy corn of the season each year.

But after three or four pieces, I've had enough. :P

Hallowzing said...

Maybe that's the secret. Perhaps I should try it every year and not wait so long between tastes. Hmmm... it'll be hard to convince myself to try again next year. Blech.