Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off Target

A new member of the family. Picked this cool mug up from Target, which is unfortunately about the only neat thing they had there. I'm not sure what the execs at Target were thinking when they rolled out this year's Halloween line, but it's disappointing to say the least. It pretty much represents everything commercial and soulless about the season. Cartoony instead of quaint. In years past I've always been rather impressed with how Target actually seemed to 'get it' as far as huge, faceless corporations go when it comes to Halloween.

Not this year.

There ARE a few jack-'o-lantern items that are kind of turn-of-the-century retro (including a cookie-jar that matches this mug; something I'll probably pick up the day after Halloween). Overall, Target ranks up there with Hobby Lobby for disappointing seasonal wares. Definitely not their best offering, but I suppose that won't stop me from enjoying my daily cup of morning brew from my awesome mug...

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