Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some witchy-type potion bottles I've doctored up. For the most part Mason Jars, Patron bottles and I think one 1800 bottle (always fun to empty) that I've collected from various places over the course of the year. Despite one minor mishap with the glue gun in which I roasted the tip of my finger, the process was a lot of fun. The inspiration for the Mason/Witch Jars was, of course, Pumpkinrot. Not sure if he's the originator of these, but that's where I saw them first. Here's a link to see for yourself:


These are very spontaneous when I dirty them up. Whatever is on hand, whatever feels good at the moment, be it paint, jute, fishing line, fire, permanent marker, caulk, hot glue, or whatever. They'll look even better in their proper places surrounded by bones and skulls and what have you, plus when I fill them with snakes and spiders and all kinds of gross fluids...

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